FL Studio 11 Coming To Mac?

When being interviewed recently by Musicradar, Image-Line's CTO and also co-founder, Jean-Marie Cannie, left a very intriguing quote at the end of the article:

Are there still no plans for Mac or Linux versions of FL Studio?

"Mac has become more important for live performance so it's become more important for us as well. We currently have a version of FL Studio that works natively on OS X, but it will need some more testing before we decide what will happen with it. You can expect to see this pretty soon..."

Coming from the CTO of Image-Line, this information is extremely interesting, and definitely brings up more questions than ever before. Will FL Studio 11 finally be able to run on Mac natively? Has Image-Line really understood the importance of Mac's in live EDM and are moving towards offering this finally?

It's been a well known fact that a lot of FL Studio competitors have software natively working on Mac, which many famous producers and artists use on a daily basis  when playing live. FL Studio brings that specific disadvantage to the table since it currently only works on Windows.

There are ways to get FL Studio 11 working on Mac though, for example by using virtual box software like Parallels. This allows you to create a virtual window and run the Windows OS inside of it. From there you can install FL Studio 11 and simply use FL Studio 11 on Mac that way, however it is definitely not as convenient as it could be, and requires having to install software like Parallels to even run the program.

Anyways, we're definitely excited to see what becomes of this, Image-Line has always stated FL Studio would most likely never work on Mac since the programming was coded entirely in Windows, but it seems this could be changing after all.

FL Studio 11 - Release Date Today!

FL Studio 11 was finally released today, bringing two years of waiting to a close. With the release of FL Studio 11 comes the highly popular "What's New" video where the main features of the new version are showcased. Check out the video below to see what's been added in FL Studio 11.

Even better, why not download the FL Studio 11 Demo to try it out yourself?

If you don't have time to watch the video, here's a summary of what's been added:

  • Performance Mode - Offers a way to trigger playlist clips LIVE by using a mouse, keyboard, MIDI controller, or even a touch screen!
  • Multi-Touch Support - FL Studio and some other plugins are now able to respond to multi-touch and gesture functions (just like using a phone or tablet).
  • Playlist - Maximum number of playlist tracks has been increased to 199, compared to 99 in FL Studio 10.
  • Linking with MIDI Ports - Input ports for MIDI controllers are not used to avoid any conflicts.
  • Playlist and Piano Roll - Horizontal and vertical locking has now been implemented.
  • Piano Roll - Glue notes, mouse wheel velocity, monophonic step entry, and Chop chord tools, giving the Piano Roll a much more sophisticated roll.
  • Right-click Data Entry - Many controls now offer a right-click option to type in values.
  • Plugin Picker - You can now right-click to open up a plugin and a preset in the Browser.
  • Mixer - Page Up/Down keys on your keyboard now cycle through current mixer track plugin windows.
  • Options - You're now able to play truncated notes in clips. Click and hold functions have been implemented, along with GUI animation.

While the above is pretty impressive, the real kicker comes from the new plugins:

  • BassDrum - BassDrum offers some sick, deep kick-bass with sample layering, offering you some punchy kicks with big sound.
  • Groove Machine Synth - This is a multi-timbral hybrid synthesizer and FX channel from Groove Machine.
  • Effector - Effector is an awesome tool when performing live, it comes with 12 performance oriented effects controlled by X/Y modulation, so effects are easy to manipulate on the fly.

It really seems like FL Studio 11 is trying hard to be implemented as a fully integrated, live software. With the introduction of performance mode along with a plugin that directly coordinates with live performance (Effector), will we get to see FL Studio 11 on the forefront of Electronic Dance Music in the future? Only time will tell, but we're loving the precedent set so far!

Try it out yourself and download an FL Studio 11 Demo here!